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Get started

This guide will help you set up the Procaptcha widget.

If you are currently using a CAPTCHA service, you can copy and paste our script wherever you have deployed the existing script today.

To start using the Procaptcha widget, you will need to obtain a sitekey and a secret key. The sitekey and secret key are always associated with one widget and cannot be reused for other widgets.

The sitekey is public and used to invoke the Procaptcha widget on your site.

Make sure you keep the secret key safe for security reasons.

  1. Log in to the Prosopo user portal.
  2. Click to reveal your sitekey and secret key.
  3. Copy your sitekey and secret key.

Add the Procaptcha widget to your site

Section titled Add the Procaptcha widget to your site

To add the Procaptcha widget:

  1. Insert the Procaptcha script snippet in your HTML’s <head> element:
<script src="" async defer></script>
  1. Redndering options

Verify the server-side response

Section titled Verify the server-side response

After you have installed the Procaptcha widget on your site, you should configure your server to validate the Procaptcha response. Refer to Server-side verification.

Rendering the client-side integration & verifying the server-side response are both necessary to allow Procaptcha to function properly.