Module @prosopo/client-example-server - v0.3.40


This example server implements signup, login and authorisation methods for a typical node backend application. The code is based on an article written by Agustin Fernandez and is adapted to use a Mongo In-Memory Database. This backend server integrates with the client-example React app.

How to run locally

1. Build & Deploy

From the roof of this repository, run the following commands:

cp demos/client-example-server/env.development demos/client-example-server/.env.development && \
cp dev/scripts/env.development dev/scripts/.env.development && \
docker compose --file ./docker/docker-compose.development.yml up -d && \
npm i && \
npm run build:all && \
npm run setup:all && \
npm run start:server

2. Use the API

The server should now be running at localhost:9228. You can customise this in the .env.development file. Run this example API in conjunction with the client-example React app.